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City of Fairfax Provides Fairfax High School with Over $70,000 in Instructional and Innovation Grants

Staff Members Applied for Grants to Enhance Instruction and Empower Students

The City of Fairfax Schools provided Fairfax High School with over $70,000 in grant funding for the 2017-2018 school year. The grant money was designated to support instruction and innovation in the

Photo of Fairfax High School

Photo of Fairfax High School

high school.  The funds were allocated to support summer intervention for students, professional learning opportunities for staff and technology support. In addition, Principal Dave Goldfarb designated $7500 for teacher initiatives.

Teachers and staff members submitted grant proposals for to enhance instruction in one of three areas:

  • Strengthen core instruction and intervene on foundational skills
  • Empower students to take ownership of learning
  • Foster critical and creative thinking skills.

The proposals were reviewed by a committee made up of Fairfax High School staff members and the winners were announced in December. The committee found three proposals that offered unique, engaging, student-centered learning opportunities that go above and beyond the standard curriculum. The three grant award winners are:

  • “We are Fairfax, We are Wellness” – proposed by school counselors Donna Leone and Tara Johnson. The grant will sponsor activities and programs throughout Wellness Week designed to help develop and maintain an emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy lifestyle for students and staff.
  • “Visiting Artist John Smolko” – proposal by art teacher Heather Dilatush. Artist and art educator John Smolko will come to FHS for a four day drawing-intensive workshop. Mr. Smolko has a unique drawing style that combines realism but also has a colorful, gestural quality. He works with students on achieving expressiveness while instructing on color theory. All of these skills are extremely beneficial for student creativity as they learn to draw and paint.
  • “Virtual Dissection Software” – proposal by FHS teacher Michelle Gilligan. By purchasing virtual dissection software, students can be more engaged in dissections throughout the curriculum without having to actually make incisions.

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