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City of Fairfax Recognizes Mentors in City Schools

City of Fairfax employees recognized for mentoring

City of Fairfax employees recognized for mentoring

Mayor Declares January National Mentoring Month

The City of Fairfax city council and mayor recognized city employees who mentor in the city schools. Over 15 city workers including police officers, city council members, city employees and our own school staff members were recognized for their time volunteering with students.

Reading from the National Mentoring Month Proclamation, Mayor David Meyer said, “Each young person’s strength and resilience is fostered by those who has supported them and taught them to persevere and overcome obstacles.”

Dr. Phyllis Pajardo, Superintendent of the City of Fairfax Schools and a mentor at Providence Elementary School also commended the mentors by reading some statements from teachers about the positive impact mentors have made in their school.

The mentors recognized at Tuesday’s city council meeting are:

Providence Elementary School

  • Chief Carl Pardiny
  • Lt. Joseph Johnson
  • Lt. Michael Bartholme
  • PFC Brian Crump
  • Deputy Chief Ken Caldwell
  • Diego Wilson, Assistant School Superintendent
  • Phyllis Pajardo, School Superintendent
  • Captain Martin Nachtman
  • Councilwoman Janice Miller (11 year mentor)

Mentoring at Lanier Middle school

  • MPO William B Davis, SRO Lanier Middle School

Mentoring at Fairfax High School

  • Sgt Matthew Lasowitz

Mentoring at Daniels Run Elementary School

  • Kelly O’Brien, Planning
  • Emily Clendenin, Code Administration
  • Karen Lussier, Parks and Recreation
  • Tom Scibilia, Treasurer
  • Sgt Ronnie Lewis, Police
  • Detective Ben Smith
  • Councilman Jeff Greenfield

Mentoring with TAPS

  • Joe Charley, Master FireMedic

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