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City of Fairfax School Board Community Feedback

In December of 2015, the City of Fairfax Schools solicited feedback regarding the possible budget cuts with Fairfax County Public Schools from the City of Fairfax community.
The City of Fairfax School Board members and staff read and analyzed all the responses. The information received from the community was shared with colleagues at FCPS school board and staff.
Here is a summary of the responses.

Community Feedback


The City of Fairfax Schools sent a form to its database of registered community members from November 23 – December 15. School board members also sent a link to other residents for input. Sixty-one people responded. Here is just a sample of the feedback from our outreach.


I am a resident of:

City of Fairfax                                 47                                   78%

Fairfax County                                12                                   20%

I don’t know                                     1                                      1%

No response                                     1                                      1%

I am a (choose all that apply)

Parent of a school age student    45                                   76%

Teacher/school staff                      13                                   22%

Resident without student             7                                     12%

Other                                                 3                                     5%

My student attends (choose all that apply)

Elementary School (DRES/PES)         16                                     30%

Middle School (LMS)                              10                                  19%

High School (FHS)                                  24                                45%

Fairfax Academy                                     2                                    4%

Other schools                                          14                                  27%


The survey asked for comments or suggestions based on the Budget Task Force Recommendations. There were 59 responses. Here are some major themes in the comments.

Advanced Academic Programs

Ten comments regarding closing AAP centers. Two responses were to keep the centers open, while eight responses wanted to close the centers, eliminate the need for transportation to the centers and offer Local Level IV at each school.

Sample quote:

“Providence and Daniels Run should provide one level 4 AAP class per grades 3-6. This would save money and keep bright students and their families in City schools while still meeting those students’ academic needs.”

Class size

Seven responses, all were for keeping class sizes as they are with no increases at any age/level.

Sample quote:

“Class sizes in FCPS high schools should not be increases as the average student-teacher ratio is often 30+ students to 1 teacher in core classes. Research has shown that student success is directly related to small student-teacher ratios.”


Five total comments. One for cutting sports programs and four against cutting programs or adding fees.

Sample quote:

“Please please please do not cut freshman sports. Every Middle Schooler has been waiting for the day they can play sports in HS


Five comments, all were for ending full-day kindergarten.

Sample quote:

“Even though I don’t agree with cutting programs at schools, if we need to, then [lets] cut immersion, and non-school based AAP programs. We could also cut full day K as it cuts about 30 million right off the top.”


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