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City of Fairfax Schools Superintendent Peter Noonan Announces Leave

City of Fairfax Schools Superintendent Dr. Peter Noonan Announces Leave for Falls Church City Public Schools

City of Fairfax Schools Superintendent Dr. Peter Noonan announced today he will become the Superintendent of Falls Church City Public Schools (FCCPS). Dr. Noonan will begin his work at FCCPS on May 15, 2017.

“Over the course of the past five years, I have enjoyed the fortune to work with outstanding people, a supportive board and world-class educators,” said Noonan. “I look forward to taking all I have learned in the City of Fairfax and putting those qualities of excellence to work in a different school system. The challenges will come to be sure, but the excitement of growing professionally and personally in a different system is also exciting.”

During Dr. Noonan’s tenure he oversaw the boundary adjustment for Fairfax High School and Lanier Middle School, developed a path for advanced academic programs in all four schools and created equal athletic facilities for girls at Fairfax High School in addition to many other initiatives.

“Dr. Noonan has been a strong advocate for the City of Fairfax students and while we are very sorry to see him go, we are grateful for his leadership for the past five years,” said Jon Buttram, City of Fairfax School Board Chairman. “We are committed to continue his dedicated service to the City of Fairfax schools as we search for a new leader.”

Mr. Buttram and the City of Fairfax School Board will name an Interim Superintendent in the coming weeks to ensure a seamless transition and will have a detailed timeline of the search process for a permanent replacement.

Information about the selection of a new superintendent is on the City of Fairfax Schools website.  The City of Fairfax School Board welcomes community comments and suggestions as it moves forward with the search process.




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