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City of Fairfax Superintendent Consults with Advisory Team

In her second year as superintendent, Dr. Phyllis Pajardo is working with her own expert consultants. The group, comprised of students, staff, administrators, parents and business leaders was originated last year as a transition team to assist with Dr. Pajardo’s first year as superintendent.

“One of my first-year objectives was to develop strong relationships with stakeholders,” said Dr. Pajardo. “Through these relationships with community members, I sought feedback to help shape the future of the Fairfax City Schools.”

Dr. Pajardo found the insight so valuable she extended the team into a second year and now calls it the Superintendent Advisory Team (SAT). The fifteen-member team meets four times per year with a variety of topics including capital improvements, communication and budget.

Team member Ginny Cate, a staff member at Fairfax Academy for Communications and the Arts is continuing with the group through its second year. “I was very honored and pleased to receive an invitation to serve on the SAT committee. Here is a chance to not only hear what Dr. Pajardo has to say, but to have my voice and opinion heard as well, and to hear from others in the community.” Ms. Cate is also a City school parent, with two sons having graduated from Fairfax High School and her daughter is currently a junior.

Student representative Kylie Horn is also in her second year as a committee member. Kylie is also the student alternate for the City of Fairfax School Board and reports to the board about what topics are discussed. “I am really excited to be a part of the Superintendent Advisory Team again,” Kylie said at the Regular School Board meeting on Monday, November 5.

“I found the dialog in my first year with the team very valuable. It was wonderful for this mix of invested and enthusiastic members of our community was inspiring,” said Dr. Pajardo. “I look forward to our work this school year.”

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