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Principal Adam Erbrecht and Assistant Principal Dustin Wright Present to City of Fairfax School Board at Regular School Board

Fairfax, VA, January 14, 2016– “The state of Daniels Run is strong and getting stronger,” declared Daniels Run Elementary School Principal Adam Erbrecht at his annual state of the schools report to the City of Fairfax School Board on Monday, January 11th at the regular school board meeting.

Using the theme “Our Story” throughout the evening, Mr. Erbrecht echoed the story theme he and his teachers are following this year as they try to reach each and every student.

With videos from 6th grade students highlighting what they liked about the schools, Mr. Erbrecht showed how the school is serving as a second family for many of his students.

Mr. Erbrecht emphasized significant standards of learning score increases in subjects such as reading and math. In reading, DRES reading pass rate was 79%, an increase of 6%. In math, 88% of the students had a pass rate, almost a 20% increase from the previous years.

Mr. Erbrecht also looked at his school beyond the standard curriculum showing success in the arts, environmental studies and the enhanced autism program. In addition, Mr. Erbrecht and his assistant principal Dr. Dustin Wright focused on programs such as “Pride Time” – a dedicated school-wide program to support students with specific intervention that goes above and beyond the classroom.

“Teachers have already noticed the students making a tremendous amount of progress faster than they were anticipating because of this focused and persistent approach,” said Dr. Wright.

To view the entire State of the Schools report, please go to the City of Fairfax Website and click on “Meetings”

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