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Fairfax Academy Brings In Professionals for Photography Workshop Series

Photo of Mr. Biver assisting students with portrait project on computer.

Mr. Biver (black hat) assisting students with portrait project.

Professional Photographer, Steven Biver, recently visited and led a workshop in Fairfax Academy’s Professional Photography classes as part of ongoing mentoring workshop series for Academy students. The workshops encapsulate  local, national and international photographers, as well as focusing on light science, advertisement photography, and professional editing.

During Mr. Biver’s most recent visit to the photography classes, he led a hands-on workshop with the level-2 students focusing on lighting and editing.  This particular workshop entailed lecture and in-depth group discussions, which evolved into one-on-one advising in reference to a recent ‘portrait photography project’ the students had been working on this month.

Mr. Biver is a published author whose book “Light Science & Magic: an Introduction to Photographic Lighting” has been bought and sold for use in college classrooms across the nation for the last 20 years. His ongoing relationship with the Academy’s Professional Photography class has developed into consistent and relevant hands-on workshops that are directly correlated to the current curriculum and projects.


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