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Fairfax High School Girls Basketball Profiled in Washington Post

FHS Womens Basketball

FHS Womens Basketball

The Fairfax Girls Basketball team was profiled in the Washington Post on Tuesday, January 24.

A portion of the article is below, to see the full article, please visit the Washington Post website here.

The Fairfax girls’ basketball team is playing without a true forward this season. Where games a season ago were won in the paint with hard fought layups and rebounds, they’re won with this group on the perimeter, trying to create that foot or two of separation to launch a shot or drive to the rim.

And then there’s the Rebels’ Dominique Webster, a senior 5-foot-9 self-described “guard-post.”

She sets the pick in pick-and-rolls. She anchors the lane on defense and leads Fairfax (13-3) in rebounding with 5.3 per game.

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