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FHS Student Awarded FCCLA Japanese Exchange Scholarship

Jacob Major, FHS Student and City of Fairfax FCCLA member will study in Japan this summer

FCCLA adviser, Susan von Schaack, is pleased to announce that one of the fourteen scholarships has been awarded to a local Fairfax City resident. Jacob Major, junior at Fairfax High School and graduate from Lanier MS and Daniels Run, has been selected to receive the FCCLA/Kikkoman Scholarship to participate in the Japanese Exchange Program through Youth For Understanding USA (YFU USA).  Jacob has been an active member of the City of Fairfax FCCLA since 8th grade competing in a STAR event.  As a 9th and 10th grader, Jacob helped the chapter earn recognition when he competed in the National Online Program for Families First.  During this current year, he has is the curator of the chapter website competing in the STAR event senior category.  Jacob takes honor courses at Fairfax High School and has a 3.6 GPA.  Additionally, he is working toward his Eagle Scout, has been active in scouts for seven years, and works part-time at the Kings Park Library.

The FCCLA Japanese Exchange Scholarship is administered by Youth For Understanding USA (YFU USA), a non-profit international exchange organization. Based on the premise that international understanding can be achieved through individuals, the program emphasizes family living as the core of the overseas learning experience. The opportunity to experience the day-to-day life of another country and its people enhances students’ awareness of international issues.

While living four-to-six weeks with a Japanese host family, Jacob will experience a Japanese tea ceremony, traditional Japanese foods, or climb up Mount Fuji with a Japanese brother or sister. Japanese Exchange is a scholarship opportunity for FCCLA members to travel to Japan for four-to-six weeks as an exchange student. This scholarship is worth more than $11,000 each.

Ms. von Schaack says, “Jacob is an excellent choice to represent our chapter, community, school and country. He works very hard for our chapter and deserves this award!”

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