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Helai Mahfus – Daniels Run Elementary School

Name – Helai Mahfus

School – Daniels Run ES

Grade/Subject – Second Grade/General Ed./Classroom Teacher

How long have you been a teacher? 3 years

What is your favorite lesson of the year? I have so many! One of my absolute favorites is a science lesson about changing matter, in which we make play dough. The kids have to work together to make observations about the various ingredients provided, make predictions about what will happen when they put it all together, and then they actually get to mix it to create the dough! This then lends itself to a discussion/further exploration of the different types of matter and how matter can undergo different kinds of changes.

What do you like most about your school? We are all firmly committed to the notion of “teamwork” and support and believe in each other.

Why do you like this grade (best thing about this age of students) Second graders are sensational! They are eager, optimistic, and it’s wonderful being able to support them as they begin to develop even more of their individual identity. Plus they are just adorable! They constantly make me smile.

One tip for parents: Read with your kids as much as you can! Read to them, have them listen to you read, take turns reading together, share your thinking as you read, and ask each other questions! It’s a great habit to start that will undoubtedly lead to valuable, lifelong skills.

5 Quick  Q&A

Favorite book?¬† Oh, The Places You’ll Go! (Dr. Seuss)

College/University attended? George Mason University (undergrad and grad)

If you could be another profession, what would it be? Child psychologist

Favorite place to travel? Anywhere in Europe! I’ve been to France, Italy, Germany, England, and Netherlands. I have a lot more to see!

Favorite thing to do on weekends? Spending time with my family and friends, preferably getting coffee or frozen yogurt!



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