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Kathryn Teague, Lanier Middle School

Name: Kathryn Teague 

School: Lanier Middle School 

Grade/Subject: 7 and 8 grade counselor

How long have you been an educator?

I’ve been in education 10 years. I was a teacher for 6 years before I became a counselor. This is my 4th year as a counselor.

What is your favorite work to do with kids during the year?

I recently started doing classroom circles (a restorative justice technique that encourages responsibility and collaborative problem solving) and so far, this has been my favorite counselor activity.

What do you like most about your school?

I love that the vast majority of Lanier staff members and students are open to trying new things, especially if we think it will have a positive impact on student achievement. In addition, I adore my department; everyone in the Counseling Department is amazing! It really is a great place to work.

Why do you like this grade (best thing about this age of students)?

I love that middle school students are this wonderful mix of young and old, mature and immature, goofy and serious. It is a good fit for me, because I have not quite grown up all the way (and hope I never do).

One tip for parents:

Ask questions and listen to your kids. They may act mute at this age, and they might act like they want nothing to do with you, but let them know you want to know them and they will let you.

5 Quick Q&A

Favorite book? Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

I’ve never actually read them, but when I see how eager my older son is to read them and how much he laughs when reading them… I love it!

College/University attended?

Yale University. I also went to George Washington and George Mason for Masters programs, and NOVA for a few necessary credits.

If you could be another profession, what would it be?

A member of the Saturday Night Live cast. They get the act, sing, dance and make people laugh.

Favorite place to travel?

The beach, preferably the Caribbean

Favorite thing to do on weekends?

Anything outside with the family. Hiking, biking, that sort of thing.


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