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Kelly Lusk, Fairfax High School

Name Kelly Lusk

School Fairfax High School

Grade/Subject ESOL Department Chair/AVID teacher

How long have you been a teacher?

9 years

What is your favorite lesson of the year?

In AVID, I love when students do college research projects and goal-setting activities. It’s amazing to watch them plan for their futures and figure out how to do what it takes to get wherever they want to go. I am lucky enough to co-teach World History 1 with my best friend and another all-star teacher (Rachel Shafer), so every lesson we do together is my favorite.

What do you like most about your school?

There is no better place to be than Fairfax High School. I came here as senior in high school and have grown to love this community more every year. I work with diligent, passionate teachers, and our diverse student body teaches me more about the world and about myself every day.

Why do you like this grade (best thing about this age of students)

I teach all different grades, but high school in general is a really exciting period in young people’s lives. Watching my students figure out who they are and what they want for their next step in life is a really great stage to be a part of.

One tip for parents:

Don’t make excuses for your kid. Celebrate their achievements and hold them accountable for their failures. Both are equally important in shaping them into responsible citizens.

5 Quick  Q&A

Favorite book? How could I possibly choose??

College/University attended? University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

If you could be another profession, what would it be? I have my dream job.

Favorite place to travel? I want to visit every continent. Five down, two to go!

Favorite thing to do on weekends? I work a couple of part-time jobs on top of teaching, so free weekends are priceless. I like to go out in my DC neighborhood when I’m off the clock. It’s great to live in a city where there are so many fun things to do for free.

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