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Kim Horn – Daniels Run Elementary School

Name:            Kim Horn

School:          Daniels Run Elementary

Grade:           4th

How long have you been a teacher?

I have been a teacher for 11 years.

What is your favorite lesson of the year?

I love language arts! And, I love helping children learn what “real” reading means and providing concrete examples of difficult concepts such as Metacognition, Monitoring Comprehension, and Inference.  At the beginning of the year, the students and I make a reading salad to illustrate “real” reading.  It is a combination of text (lettuce) and thinking (tomatoes).  It is SO visual and SO concrete for all learners!

What do you like most about your school?

EVERYTHING!  The administration, the staff, the students and the parents are truly amazing!  Everyone is working together for the students; to help them feel safe, loved and successful each and every day.  I walk into the building and just smile.  It is such a wonderful place to be!

What do you like best about 4th grade?

The best thing about 4th grade is the students!  They are full of excitement and always want to share connections between curriculum and their own lives.  I love getting to know each student and building a strong relationship.  Do they play soccer?  Do they have brothers and sisters?  What’s their favorite food?  Do they love Mexican food like I do?  Building that relationship fosters their love for learning and helps them realize they are a very important part of Team Horn!

One tip for parents:

Take time to talk to your child about his/her day.  Ask questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” response. Engage yourself in your child’s education and you can learn so much!

Favorite book:  Frindle by Andrew Clements

If you could be another profession, what would it be?

I have had several other professions and nothing felt right until I walked into the classroom.  I knew immediately this is where I belonged.

Where is my favorite place to travel?

Anywhere with a beautiful beach, crystal blue water, sparkling sand sifting through my toes and my family by my side!

What is my favorite thing to do on weekends?

On the weekends, I love spending time with my husband and two kids.

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