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Lanier Middle School Student Selected as Virginia State Senate Page

Only 37 students chosen for nine-week program

Delaney Adams, an eighth grader at Lanier Middle School has been selected to participate in the prestigious Virginia State Senate Page Leadership Program for 2018. Virginia’s Page program dates back to the mid 1800’s and is now one of the last full-term residential page programs left nationwide.

Delaney is currently serving for the nine weeks of the 2018 Virginia General Assembly in Richmond. Through this unique and prestigious opportunity she is getting a firsthand education about the workings of the Virginia state legislature while having opportunities to interact with and assist state senators on a daily basis.

The Senate Page Leadership Program is structured similar to a college preparatory program with components centered on developing future leaders. The mission of the program is to facilitate a structured environment in which young Virginians embrace responsibility and accountability, develop professional characteristics through strict standards of conduct and engage in the legislative process through work, observation and discussion.

Applicants must have an A or B average to participate and have approval from their school. This year, over 200 students from throughout the Commonwealth applied. Students work nine hour days while still needing to fulfil assignments from their teachers. The pages have a strict dress code and have limited access to cellphones. Delaney is up to the challenge and has so far enjoyed her time in Richmond.

“This program has been a great opportunity to not only learn firsthand about Virginia’s legislature, but also a fantastic chance to meet some very knowledgeable people that I would not get to meet otherwise,” said Delaney. “Some of our tasks include making copies, pulling bills, and assisting senators. I am learning so much, and I am really enjoying this amazing experience.”

Highlights from her experience include local field trips, museum visits, dinner reception with legislators, meeting astronauts and a pizza and game night with the Lieutenant Governor.

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