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FHS Tyler Barton profiled in Fairfax Times

It didn’t take long for Fairfax to assert its new identity against Langley Tuesday night. The Rebels flew out of the gates like a rabid pride of lions hungry for a kill, their relentless full-court pressure punctuated by a one-handed jam from high-flying transfer Tyler Barton.

To read the entire article, see here.

FHS Robotics Team Wins National Competition

Seven Fairfax High School (FHS) students making up the TSA Robotics team won the Mini-Urban Challenge on Saturday in Florida. Led by senior and lead programmer Thomas Dabney, students Jack Rizek, Calvin Rizek, William Chang, Phillip Simpson, Paul Huravitch and Francis Winn took first place beating out nine other schools from across the country.

The 6th annual Mini-Urban Challenge is a national competition that challenges high school students to design and operate a robotic automobile using a Lego Mindstorms kit. Students design and assemble a robot capable of going distances accurately based on student-written programs and signals received from color and light sensors. The car must maneuver through a model city on a painted mat. The students have 45 minutes to program the robot to make seven stops in assigned locations during the competition time. The car must follow the colored lines and traffic rules and park on designated spots. The students must successfully navigate through the mini-urban challenge for 70 percent of their score. The rest of the 30 percent of the team score is based on an oral presentation made by team members.

The students are led throughout the school year by FHS teacher and Robotics Club leader Emre Ege, but needed to conduct themselves independently during the challenge.  “It is the sheer success of our students which comes with excessive preparedness and planning,” said Ege.

Students prepared for the challenge throughout the school year, in the club and in the classroom. Mr. Ege teaches in the Technology and Engineering department at FHS and many of his club members are in his Development Engineering Course.

“This particular robotics studies involve learning programming languages and assembling a navigational robot according to specifications,” said Ege. “It is a lot of fun for creative, resourceful, productive and engineer-minded students.”

The team first won the D.C. regional challenge in March, beating out schools from around Fairfax County and the D.C. metro area. “We are proud of their accomplishments and sure that this is only a beginning of their life-long achievements,” said Ege.

The challenge is sponsored by The Doolittle Institute, a non-profit based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the Air Force Research Lab and John Deere.


City of Fairfax Schools Recognize Over 100 Students

From outstanding environmental efforts to first place finish on the National Latin Exam, students in the City of Fairfax schools were honored Monday night at the final regular school board meeting for the 2013-2014 school year.

The City school board recognized over 100 students for a wide range of honors. Some of the honorees include:

  • Daniels Run Elementary School recognized for becoming a Virginia Naturally School for the 7th consecutive year, one of only 14 in the state.
  • Trent Cohen, a fifth grade DRES student, for his poem “A Piece of Pie” which was selected by the Fairfax Choral Society and performed at a concert earlier this year.
  • Eight DRES students for All County Chorus.
  • Lanier Middle School students Ethan Pepper and Zoe Morrison for winning first prize at the regional Kidwind competition and later took 6th place at the National Kidwind Compeition at the 2014 National Science Festival.
  • Six LMS students from the Lanier Eco-Team was among the top 10 finalists in the Caring for Our Watersheds Contest at George Mason University in April 2014.
  • LMS student Jake Seybold, the regional winner in the drawing category of the Scholastic Silver Key Award.
  • Seven Fairfax High School students from the FHS Robotics Team for winning the best performing robot and best presentation at the Mini-Urban Navigational Robotics Regional Competition.
  • Three FHS students for various art awards in photography, including Sarah Wasinger for 10 separate awards in a number of national and regional contests.
  • Ashley Mejia Galeano and Zhidong Fang, two ESOL students for honorable mentions in the Global Awareness Technology Project.
  • Four FHS students for the Grand Concours medal, a national French contest of the American Association of Teachers of French.
  • FHS student Alicia Rodriguez, for winning the local and district Optimist International Oratorical contest and participated at the state level.
  • FHS student Kyle Gallotta, for passing all eight areas of the NATEF/ASE certification, only one of five students in Fairfax County to pass all eight categories.
  • Over 24 students who placed in the National Latin Exam’s second, third and fourth level testing.
  • Five students for ranking on the National Roman Civilization Exam and two students for first and third places for the Classical Association of Virginia Latin Tournament Test.
  • Nine FHS students for their second place finish out of 16 schools at the Washington Regional Alcohol Program promoting alcohol and drug-free lifestyles to their peers.
  • Eight FHS students for awards at the Regional Science Fair
  • Three FHS DECA students for first place in the State Leadership Conference in Finance Operations Research.

Fairfax High School Nabs 13 Cappie Nominations

The Fairfax High School production of ‘9 to 5’ received a school record 13 Cappie nominations. The winners will be announced on Sunday, June 8th at the Kennedy Center.

The Cappies, “Critics and Awards Program”, fosters high school theatre critics for regional high school students. Mentored by journalists at newspapers such as the Washington Post, schools provide critic teams that view one performance per school and write full reviews. In late spring, the student critics vote for the Cappies. Five nominees are selected in 35 categories in a wide range of production levels including acting, technical, creative, performance and a special award for student critics.

“We here at Fairfax are just thrilled to have received this recognition,” said Erich DiCenzo, Fairfax High School’s theater director. “This is an unprecedented amount of nominations for Fairfax High School; and everyone involved is graciously humbled and looking forward to supporting and celebrating their fellow performers, who have undoubtedly invested just as much time, energy, and heart into their own productions.”

Fairfax High School Cappie Nominations

Best Musical

Lead Actress in a Musical: Caroline Silas

Female Vocalist: Amanda Harvey

Comic Actress in a Musical: Emily Ennis

Comic Actor in a Musical: Doug Klain

Supporting Actress in a Musical: Eva Petersen

Male Dancer: Daniel Serpati

Featured Actor: Cameron LeDucq

Choreography: Logan Floyd

Marketing and publicity: Sarah Heaton, Amanda McGuire,

Renee Rozell, Katie Tomney

Lighting: Sarah Heaton, Jonah Hurley, Alex Pepin, Will


Costumes: Amanda McGuire, Jessica Moore, Renee Rozell,

Tabatha Ryberg

Stage Crew: Darby Binford, Vicki Clinch, McKenzie

Moskowitz, Marybeth Ward

Fairfax High School DECA Students Present 100,000 signatures to Senator Mark Warner to Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer

What began as a school public relations campaign project for a marketing class, quickly became a trip to Capitol Hill for two marketing students from Fairfax High School.

Baylee Deivert and Anne Kim, students in FHS teacher Kathryn Walters’ DECA class, first began wanted to raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer. They began by creating a “Gold Day” at Fairfax High School and collected over 1100 signatures. With that success, the two partnered with The Truth365, an Emmy award-winning grassroots documentary and social media campaign that gives a voice to all children fighting all forms of cancer, to collect over 100,000 signatures online. The students wrote a press release and garnered social media and community attention.  The two, along with FHS DECA classmates, brought the petition to Senator Warner in March to discuss childhood cancer. The senator announced he would co-sponsor the bipartisan Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act, a bill designed to increase funding for childhood cancer research, named after a nine year old Virginia girl diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The bill passed the Senate in March.

“We were more than thrilled to get 1,156 signatures from the student at Fairfax High School,” said Kim. “This propelled us to extend the campaign further and arrange a meeting with Senator Mark Warner to deliver the petitions.”

DECA prepares students for careers in marketing, finance, public relations and management in high schools and colleges around the world. Students work on projects throughout the year in a variety of areas including international business, entrepreneurship and community service.

For DECA teacher Kay Walters, the student project exceeded her expectations. “It is really remarkable to see two students have an interest in helping children who are suffering from cancer, apply that interest, and carry out a tremendous DECA Public Relations campaign to raise awareness for pediatric cancer,” said Walters. “Through this project, and collaboration with the organization, TheTruth365, I think the students learned that one voice, one DECA chapter, one high school, and one community can make a difference.”

The students are hopeful their work will inspire others to get involved. “We hope to encourage others to support the mission of The Truth365 and take the initiative to battle pediatric cancer as a community,” said Deivert.

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