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Providence ES dedicated the most recent addition to their outdoor courtyard on

Picture of pagoda

City councilmembers, school board members, FCPS leadership, PES staff and City Superintendent join in the festivities

Wednesday, April 11 with guests from the City of Fairfax council and school board.

The courtyard has undergone a total transformation over the past nine years with the inclusion of a pond, vegetable gardens, native trees, greenhouse, vocabulary-labeled bricks and now a pavilion for classes to brave inclement weather.

With support from businesses such as National Asphalt, Fair City Mall, Buckeye Partners and Sisler Stone, the school has worked for almost 10 years to create the outdoor classroom.

The City of Fairfax Schools provided $5000 for the building of a pagoda to finish the project. With student singers, talks from the Fairfax City Mayor and Providence Principal, the ribbon was cut by Mr. Alan Borhauer who led the transformation from the beginning.

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The City of Fairfax School Board has allocated over $230,000 in instructional grant funding to its four city schools. The funds will support Professional Development, Intervention and Academic Support, Supplemental Materials and Innovative Practices.

“In these days of declining financial resources in school district budgets, I’m really pleased that we are able to continue target funds for student and staff learning; we know these funds support our schools’ efforts,” said Dr. Phyllis Pajardo, Superintendent of the City of Fairfax Schools. “We are proud to assist and enhance our schools as they focus on innovation, professional development, and academic support.”

The principals at the four schools work with the City of Fairfax Schools staff from project and material funding. The grants are divided into four main categories:

Professional Development:  Many administrators and teachers will tell you one of the most precious resources they have is time. By providing funds to support professional learning, collaboration time and money for substitutes, the City of Fairfax School Board can give them the gift of time. The grants allow staff to plan, meet as grade-level or subject-area teams, attend professional training and take time to create innovative lessons for students.

Intervention and Academic Support: Each year the four schools are able to offer additional summer programming to support transitions to new schools, strengthen academic skills, and close potential academic gaps seen throughout the school year. For more information on the summer programming, see article here.

Supplemental Materials: The City of Fairfax School grants support a variety of curriculum enhancement programs such as environmental education, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics), and high school SAT preparations.

Innovative Practices:  – During the June 2016 retreat, School Board members expressed a desire to bolster schools’ abilities to create and incorporate innovative practices. To progress this, innovative practices were added to the areas for which City Schools could request instructional grant funding (See Strategic Plan objective 2 at the bottom of this page). When DRES principal Adam Erbrecht requested $6000 of his school’s grant be designated for innovative practices, he knew just what to do: Ask his staff what they wanted. Erbrecht sent out a “request for proposals” to his staff and received over nine requests totaling $13,100. Instead of giving the green light himself, the principal turned the power back to the staff and had them analyze and review the proposals on what they felt would most positively impact the school. The challenge the staff found was that all the projects were worth funding. By combining the City of Fairfax Innovation Grant and a generous donation by the DRES PTA, all the projects received financial support. For an example of these Innovation Grants, please see article about DRES Counselor Emily Baldwin.

“We are thrilled to reward the innovative thinking of these groups and hope more can come from this in the future,” said Erbrecht. “We greatly appreciate the use of our City Grant Funds to foster these innovations.”

StrategicPlanSY2016-2022FINAL approved 2_17

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Dan Phillips, principal of Providence Elementary School is this month’s feature in Fairfax County Public Schools “Meet the Principal” series. The video can be seen here on the FCPS You Tube channel.

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allprodadsProvidence ES PTA “All Pro Dads” kicks off its fifth year welcoming dads, uncles, grandfathers and guardians to the PTA. All Pro Dads meet once a month for a breakfast meeting – sometimes catered by local businesses such as Anita’s and Chick-fil-A. Working closely with the PTA and Providence administrators, the All Pro Dads recruit dads to work school events and help facilitate ways for dads to get involved in the school. The program is just another way Providence ES connects the community to the classroom.

“All Pro Dads is a wonderful program the PTA is happy to support,” said PTA president MariAnn Seybold. “The leaders do a great job!”

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